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    The Simple Solution

    The PureteQ Maritime Scrubber System is the most energy-efficient scrubber system on the market. It is available as open loop, hybrid ready and fully hybrid (closed loop, with and without bleed-off). On top of that, it is the most reliable, safe and user-friendly scrubber system in the industry. An innovative mindset enables us to continually improve the system and ease its instalment and operational features.

    The PureteQ scrubber system has more safety features than any other scrubber system on the market. Complete, secure remote accessibility enables PureteQ marine engineers to access and assist crews.

    The PureteQ Maritime Scrubber System has low power consumption due to a patented hydrodynamic fluid distribution and an open tower construction, which enables low back pressure. It comes with a state-of-the- art control system with complete remote accessibility and an energy optimisation programme. It features the best, most reliable components from renowned suppliers and it is reasonably priced. All of this ensures low operational expenditures (OPEX), a short Return On Investment (ROI) and superior lifelong performance.

    Scrubber Service

    PureServ is our certified service organization. Dedicated and certified marine engineers and naval architects are at the core of our Service Team. They have received extensive training to assist shipowners in safeguarding continuous operation, reliability, and MARPOL compliance of their scrubber systems. This entails expert support and guidance for all Scrubber Systems on-site or via the safe PureteQ remote system, depending on the ship’s conditions and the client’s requirements.

    The PureteQ Service Engineer will assist the crew with regards to ship maintenance activities, calibration and validation of sensors as required. Regardless of the geographical location of the ship, our Service Engineers can support your ship crew on-site. Our Service Engineers can quickly dispatch from Europe or Asia, ready to support the crew as well as conduct crew training.

    PureteQ offers a fair-priced Service Agreement designed to meet shipowner’s specific needs based on the ship’s operational pattern and qualification of crew. All clients with a PureteQ Service Agreement have a designated Service Engineer and according to agreement you only pay for what you get.

    Due to our in-depth knowledge and expertise within Exhaust Gas Cleaning, we also provide service and support to other brands of scrubber systems. Please contact us for further information.

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